This is the best month of the year to fish for tarpon here in Boca Grande pass. You know how they say “the stars are aligned”? Well, for us die hard tarpon anglers, it;’s the moon we care about and right now, it’s just right. The new moon here in Boca Grande pass is exactly where the fish want it to be and it’s making for some killer days for us.

A few days ago we umped 18 tarpon in 6 hours and landed 9 of them. All over 100lbs. To say the bite is on fire is an understatement.

Fishing with crabs under a cork on the beach has been the ticket. There’s nothing like watching that big orange bobber disappear from the surface, knowing that a big silver monster ate it and that your in for a 30 minute fight.

Just like every June, the rest of this month is sure to be outstanding. Don’t miss out!

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Tarpon season is in full swing! Don't miss your shot at the silver king!
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